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There aren’t any limitations of sub-categories for the footer, however you may want to limit for better user experience. We would suggest to include links for pages with higher page views and utiltise a sitemap to display all the links in your site.

Yes it is mandatory to place the GOV.SG logo with the text “A Singapore Government Agency Website” on the top of your site. (E.g
For REACH, SGDS places the link on the footer next to the contact and feedback

You can consider using the mega menu component for level 3 navigation. An example can be found here

SGDS components are DSS compliant (where applicable) and adheres to the WCAG 2.1 standard if used straight out from the box.

SGDS are built to ensure minimum conflicts and any reduction of performance when stack with other frameworks.

To further minimise the conflict, these are some important points you need to take note when using both SGDS and other css framework:
  1. Always include the SGDS.css after other css framework in the head tag. This is to ensure the SGDS stylesheet takes priority over bootstrap for the mandatory components styles (masthead, main navigation, side navigation & footer).
  2. As much as possible, try to keep the same html structure to the mandatory components as they may be updated if there is amendment to the DSS.
  3. We leverage on Bootstrap's v5 grid system and is built into the SGDS framework.

You can also read up on the documentation on how to use SASS import here:

This method can also be used to remove unused components and can reduce the file size and loading time for both CSS.


Previous version 2.1.1