The footer contains supporting information for your service at the bottom of your website.
All digital services shall contain a Global Footer Bar across all pages.
The Global Footer Bar should include the name of the digital service, contact information, a privacy statement and the terms of use.



Footer Anatomy
  1. Name: Serves to inform the user of the name of your portal/digital service.
  2. Description (situational): Serves to give users more information outside of the about page. E.g a snippet of the about us page.
  3. Links (situational): Serves as a secondary navigation for users to navigate to different parts of your portal/digital service. Can also be used to house associated links. E.g sister portals/digital services.
  4. Report vulnerability, Priviacy and Terms of use: Serves to link users to the respective pages to find out more.
  5. Contact, Feednack and link to REACH: Serves to link users to the respective pages to find out more.
  6. Copyright and last updated: Serves to inform users when the portal/digital service was updated.


Footer Spacing

Within the footer
Ensure that there is at least 32px spacing around the footer, at least 16px spacing between main elements and 48px spacing between the top and bottom half of the footer.


Previous version 2.1.1