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sgds 2.3.3

Build your next best digital experience for Singapore

The Singapore Government Design System was developed to empower teams in creating fast, accessible and mobile-friendly digital services.

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What's new
SGDS v2.3.3

Updates to components, patches and fixes can be found here in our release notes

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Browse all components and use them as building blocks as you develop new products and features

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Browse all components and use them as building blocks as you develop new products and features

Browse components
Page templates

Browse ready made patterns that can be used as is or tweaked to suit your needs

Browse patterns

Save time with our plug-n-play components

Faster prototyping with reusable patterns & components, so you can focus on user experience

Eliminate the hassle of recreating basic components and patterns for every new product. SGDS houses a comprehensive collection of components, patterns and templates that can be used as is or customise to your needs

Common design elements for consistency

Boost user confidence with our recognisable design patterns

By using standard text styles, icons and interface elements, consistency is achieved. This strengthens users' intuition when interacting with different digital services.

Accessible & inclusive

Perceivable, operable, understandable & robust

Our components comply with the Digital Services Standards (DSS) where applicable and WCAG.

Be Part of the Change

SGDS is open source. If you are a developer, designer or content writer, you can help us build a trusted, ever-evolving ecosystem together.

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